"Agro Advisor provides me with immediate information, prevention tips, ease of use and interpretation, and cost savings"

Eduardo Ruiz
Farmer and manager of the olive company
Santa Concha S.L.

Updated, objective and personalized information on your farms throughout the agricultural season

Information delivered to your WhatsApp throughout the season

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Agro Advisor for the farmer

Alerts about your farms

Alerts about your farms.

Risk warnings

Risk warnings.

Agronomic recommendations

Agronomic recommendations.

365 days a year

365 days a year.

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Agro Advisor for the technician


Historic data and reports.


Action planning.


Management of alerts and risks.


Notification control.

What users say about us

eduardo ruiz

Eduardo Ruiz

Manager Santa Concha S.L.

“With Agro Advisor we have managed to improve the yield of our olive grove.”

“I am impressed by the ease and usefulness of Agro Advisor; I can quickly see the state of my 200 ha of olive grove every week, share it with my workers and tell them exactly what I want them to do.”

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Don’t leave anything to chance with your crops

Get objective information on the real situation of your farms

Agro Advisor is the best support for decision-making in your agricultural actions, and for the identification of areas impacted by internal and external factors in your farm.

Olive grove

Control the leaf density, efficiently schedule your next harvest...

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Citrus fruit

Easily manage the phases of flowering, setting and fertilization that affect the harvest...

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Centralize large volumes of farms and control the evolution of your harvest...

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Continuous information, from flowering to the last irrigation of the campaign...

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Comprehensively monitor the level of irrigation, visualizing the humidity index...

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Irrigation, chlorosis, plant density are, among others, the key metrics to chack...

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Get information and act on the areas with vegetative problems and irrigation deficit...

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Forest control for fires and repopulation are some of the solutions to check...

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Do not leave anything to chance on your farm

We will help you to improve the monitoring, control and decision making of your crops with Agro Advisor, the most complete remote detection software based on Artificial Intelligence in the market.

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