Agro Advisor boosts your crops decision-making

The most comprehensive remote detection AI software solution to control and track your crops

Up-to-date, objective and personalized vision of all your farmland throughout the season

We facilitate the location and monitoring of all the agricultural plots on your farm, wherever they are, and with no delay.

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Cómo utilizar Agro Advisor
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Customers and partners who already trust us

Agricultural associations and cooperatives, food companies, agricultural engineers, insurance companies, agricultural supply companies and farmers.

Better manage your action history and its effects on your crops

Follow the evolution of your crops and the effects of your actions on a weekly basis. Make comparative analyses between the indexes and climate data of the whole agricultural campaign. Decide which actions have been or will be the most appropriate.

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Consult the most relevant indexes for your crop

Throughout your operation, have the general health, nutrition and humidity metrics of your farmland at your disposal as well as the specific indices for their different phases.

Generate technical reports and share them with your partners

Configure and send customized reports, including a link to Google Earth. This will make it easy to get the real geo-positioning of the farm and its visualization on any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Schedule alerts to detect problems automatically

Create custom alerts, by setting up your warnings based on the health, nutrition, humidity, weather patterns, and other sources such as sensors, probes, drones, etc.

Don’t leave anything to chance with your crops

Get a sound assessment of the real situation of your farmland

Agro Advisor is the best at supporting your decision making process in your agricultural activities, and for the identification of the areas of your farm impacted by internal and external working factors.

Olive grove

Manage leaf density, efficiently schedule your next harvest...

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Subtropical crops

Detailed monitoring of the irrigation level, displaying the humidity index...

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Citrus fruit

Oversee the phases of flowering, setting and fertilization that affect the harvest...

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Irrigation, chlorosis, plant density are, among others, the key metrics to check...

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Cereal and other extensive crops

Centralize large volumes of farmland and control the evolution of your harvest...

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Continuous information, from the flowering to the last irrigation of the season...

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It informs and acts for the areas with vegetative problems and deficient irrigation...

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Forest control for fires and reforestation are some of the solutions to check...

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Do not leave anything to chance on your farm

Contact us. We will help you to improve the monitoring, control and decision making of your crops with Agro Advisor, the most complete remote detection software based on Artificial Intelligence in the market.