Only with Agro Advisor

Quickly check all the information available for your trees.

Validate and correlate the agricultural actions in your pine, cork oak, cedar, poplar, mahogany and other trees during all the seasons.

Improve the weekly traceability of tree farm

history and reports

History and reports

You will always have available a history created from your register, which will allow you to consult and send reports to your partners, clients or interested parties.

plan your actions

Plan your actions

Manage your actions on a weekly basis and quantify where your tree farm has improved or where it got worse.

visualization in the field

Visualization in the field

Each report is accompanied by a Google Earth file that helps with the geo-location of your land and that you can view on any device

maximize your resources

Maximize your resources

Generate technical reports, share them with your partners and indicate the actions that will provide the best results for your tree farm.

Only with Agro Advisor

We help you improve the tracking and control of your farm

Agro Advisor will help you make the best decisions and take well informed actions in your land specially to identify problematic areas.

mobilization and visits

Mobilization and visits

Locate reference areas, such as areas of higher forest density, uninhabited areas, combustion areas, and optimize your forest visits for continuous and efficient monitoring.

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With our plant density and humidity indexes you can locate the reforested areas and continuously monitor their evolution.

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monitoring of logging areas

Monitoring of logging areas

Check and measure the logging areas of interest, monitoring the percentage of land that has been logged anywhere in the world and comparing the available indices on a weekly basis.

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fire control and deforestation

Fire control and deforestation

Oversee and manage large forest fires safely and without risk to operators, machinery and with a more objective view.

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Customers and partners who already trust us

Agricultural associations and cooperatives, agri-food companies, agricultural engineers, insurers, agricultural supply companies and farmers.

Do not leave anything to chance on your farm

We will help you to improve the monitoring, control and decision making of your crops with Agro Advisor, the most complete remote detection software based on Artificial Intelligence in the market.

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