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Alert Notifications

Based on the detection of changes at the satellite level and future adverse climatic conditions that affect the agricultural actions of your farm: unfavorable winds for foliar applications, rainfall, frost, etc.


Risk Warning

Based on the occurrence of optimal conditions for the development of diseases and pests on your crop. As they can be: Olive fly, Prays, Repilo, etc.


Agronomic recommendations

Decision support system for the management of your farm; Cultural, biological, physical, chemical, risk and agronomic measurements, etc.


365 days a year

Continuous delivery of relevant information about your farm and the olive sector; Accumulated rainfall, oil quotes, news, pruning maps, fertilizer, humidity, etc.

Customers and partners who already trust us

Agricultural associations and cooperatives, agri-food companies, agricultural engineers, insurers, agricultural supply companies and farmers.


Historic data and reports

You will always have available your historic data, which will allow you to consult and send reports to your collaborators, clients or interested parties.


Plan your actions

Monitor weekly the evolution of your performances and quantify where your olive grove has improved or worsened the most.


Alert and Risk Management

When the farmer receives an alert regarding his farm via Whatsapp, he can easily get in immediate contact with his technician.


Notification control

The technician receives a weekly report with the summary of all notifications sent to his farmers.

Do not leave anything to chance on your farm

We will help you to improve the monitoring, control and decision making of your crops with Agro Advisor, the most complete remote detection software based on Artificial Intelligence in the market.

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