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What our costumers are saying

sonia navarro

Sonia Navarro

Agricultural Engineer at GEDYSA

"When we discovered all the advantages that Agro Advisor provide us we did not hesitate to integrate it into our work tools"

"Thanks to the maps and the different indexes and diagrams available in Agro Advisor, we are obtaining real and objective information, with accurate location information"

eduardo ruiz

Eduardo Ruiz

CEO Santa Concha Ltd.

"With Agro Advisor we have managed to improve the performance of my olive grove"

"The ease and usefulness of Agro Advisor has impressed me; I can quickly see how my 200 hectares of olive groves are doing every week, and I can share it with my workers and tell them exactly what I want them to do"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this software for?

Agro Advisor is designed for agricultural engineers, cooperatives, companies in the sector and other types of agricultural professionals. The topology can be adapted for each particular user and case, this allows for a better organization and a more efficient way to control and offer information.

What do I get when I register?

Once you have registered and identified your farms, you will have access to the last month's available data and one month free trial.

If the trial month is over, do I get charged directly?

No, you will be charged once the trial period is over and after you received a direct confirmation from the registered user, when the trial ends, you have a period of 2 months before the account is fully closed.

How can I check the price of my license?

To know the price you need to register and identify the properties you want to manage using the software.

Are my payment details protected?

Totally. We take all the measures for the reliability of the payments, which are made through the platform up to 4000 euros. If you need to pay anything above that, we offer the possibility of making the payments by bank transfer if this is more convenient.

Can I add or remove properties to my licence?

Yes, once you have registered and started the payment period, you will be able to modify by adding or removing properties. In the case of adding directly, the price will be modified according to the proportional part of those added hectares, in the case of removing already paid properties you will have those hectares available to use with other properties while the licence is valid.

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