"I have finally found a real step towards agricultural digitalization"

Eduardo Ruiz
Farmer and manager of the olive company
Santa Concha S.L.

how to use agro advisor video how to use agro advisor video

Agro Advisor puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of the farmer and the technician

Offering agronomic information throughout the year

Alerts, risks and agronomic recommendations throughout the agricultural season

Alerts, risks and agronomic recommendations throughout the agricultural season

  • Risks are generated when there are optimal conditions for the development of diseases and pests.
  • Alerts are generated when future weather conditions affecting agricultural actions are detected.
  • Agronomic recommendations for each risk.
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Agronomic and high-risk area maps

  • It facilitates the location of the most risk-prone areas and a more precise and sustainable agronomic management.
  • Allows you to notify your technician.
  • Also, for any other alert or risk, the farmer can immediately contact his technician.
How to access this service?

The technician can perform a deeper analysis in Agro Advisor

  • It optimally manages his farmers.
  • Observe and compare metrics, predictive, current and historical climatological data.
  • It receives aid requests and weekly reports with notifications sent to the farmers.

Customers and partners who already trust us

Agricultural associations and cooperatives, agri-food companies, agricultural engineers, insurers, agricultural supply companies and farmers.

Get objective information on the real situation of your farms

Agro Advisor is the best support for decision-making in your agricultural actions, and for the identification of areas impacted by internal and external factors in your farm.


Control the leaf density, efficiently schedule your next harvest...

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Easily manage the phases of flowering, setting and fertilization that affect the harvest...

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Cereal y otros extensivos

Centralize large volumes of farms and control the evolution of your harvest...

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Do not leave anything to chance on your farm

We will help you to improve the monitoring, control and decision making of your crops with Agro Advisor, the most complete remote detection software based on Artificial Intelligence in the market.

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